Muscular System Crossword Puzzle Set

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  • Muscular System Crossword Puzzle Set
  • Muscular System Crossword Puzzle Set
  • Muscular System Crossword Puzzle Set


This activity set includes two one-page crossword puzzles about the muscular system for a human anatomy and physiology course. There is a total of twenty-three clues that need to be solved for completion. Vocabulary terms and topics covered include: sarcomere, diaphragm, prime mover, smooth muscle, latissimus dorsi, hypertonia, trapezius, striated, actin, spasm, orbicularis oris, location, atrophy, neuromuscular junction, zygomaticus, tendon, quadriceps femoris, shin splints, tendon, somatic nerve, triceps brachii, myalgia, and aerobic metabolism. The clues collectively probe students’ understanding of muscle anatomy, physiology, and classification.
The crossword puzzles will become editable upon conversion from PDF to Microsoft Word using an Adobe Acrobat Reader app. I included both answer keys.
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