New Year's Decimals Bingo - Digital

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  • New Year's Decimals Bingo - Digital
  • New Year's Decimals Bingo - Digital
  • New Year's Decimals Bingo - Digital
  • New Year's Decimals Bingo - Digital


Looking for a fun way to practice reading decimals with a New Year's theme?  This Decimals Bingo Game helps students practice recognizing decimals as they are spoken, and finding the number equivalent on their bingo cards. The Game has 26 different boards with moveable chips to cover the answers, and more boards can be duplicated as needed.

The third slide has all of the decimals in word form for the teacher to call out. As you call out each decimal, just move that box to the right side of the slide so you know you have already used it. If you play again, just move the problems back by clicking the undo arrow repeatedly and all of the decimal boxes will line back up again. You can copy each board and assign individually to students, or just share the entire deck, with editing access, and students can change boards easily when you play again. When students finish a game, they can just click the undo arrow to quickly put the chips back along the sides of the board. Have fun!

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