Plate Tectonics Virtual Field Trip - Printable Version

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  • Plate Tectonics Virtual Field Trip - Printable Version
  • Plate Tectonics Virtual Field Trip - Printable Version
  • Plate Tectonics Virtual Field Trip - Printable Version
  • Plate Tectonics Virtual Field Trip - Printable Version


This is the printable PDF version of this lesson. To find the digital ready to go Google Classroom and Google Drive version, see my store at the link below: 


Don't just teach about the Earth Science and Geology of Plate Tectonics, experience it with an interactive Virtual Field Trip to FREE sites! Explore in 360 and beyond to see examples of plate tectonics in action, earth's layers, and the movement of our continents!

Take a Virtual Field trip with:

  • 360 VR Tour of Iceland to showcase plate tectonic examples in action
  • Watch a video to learn all about how plate tectonics works
  • Read all about plate tectonics at website links
  • Use the interactive plate tectonic map to learn about each boundary
  • Play a game to test out and put the new skills to use

This Resource Includes:

  1. Teacher Summary Page
  2. Product FREEBIE code from my store
  3. Teacher Instructions
  4. Instruction page
  5. Resources Link page (5 great resources)
  6. Trip Overview worksheet
  7. VR tour guided question worksheet
  8. Website guided questions
  9. Video guided questions
  10. Video 2 guided questions
  11. Boundary classification activity
  12. Assessment - learning check
  13. Mini report- boundary type 1
  14. Mini report- boundary type 2
  15. Mini report- boundary type 3
  16. Creative writing activity from Iceland
  17. Identify plate boundary common features
  18. Plate tectonics overview summary worksheet
  19. crossword puzzle (bonus activity)
  20. Grading Rubric
  21. Answer Key
  22. Teacher Guidelines

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*Please note the places in this exciting field trip are in no way associated with TeachwithBri or AUL and are independent great places and sites. They are meant to be used as a resource with the exciting lessons and activities in this product and are in no way my own work or property. Be sure you have the correct viewer to access this product and adjust printer settings to make sure printing is done in the best quality meant for this product.


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