Probability Activity Bundle, PowerPoint Lesson, Games, Posters

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4, 5, 6, 7
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Bundle: Game, Posters, Teaching PowerPoint
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  • Probability Activity Bundle, PowerPoint Lesson, Games, Posters
  • Probability Activity Bundle, PowerPoint Lesson, Games, Posters
  • Probability Activity Bundle, PowerPoint Lesson, Games, Posters
  • Probability Activity Bundle, PowerPoint Lesson, Games, Posters


This resource has been put together in order to support the class teacher to introduce, teach and embed the language, knowledge and skills of Probability.

There are three elements to this bundle (which can be purchased separately through this store):

PowerPoint Lead off teaching session:

Comprising of 21 teaching slides, this presentation takes the children on a full journey from the very first introduction of the topic of Probability through to solving complex probability problems. Key skills taught through using the presentation:

  • Language of probability (impossible, highly unlikely, unlikely, even, likely, highly likely, certain).
  • Line of continuum and plotting words on the line
  • Ordering the language of probability
  • Fractions of probability
  • Decimals of probability
  • Percentages of probability
  • Plotting outcomes
  • Solving problems using plotting outcomes

Once the children complete this presentation, they will have a clear understanding of how probability works, apply to problems and use the language, fractions, decimals and percentages to outcomes of problem solving.

Language cards:

8 Language cards included - fully editable to change the font and colour to match your own classroom. We have used the language cards to support word recognition, to create a huge probability number line within the classroom, for children to order themselves with the vocabulary cards linked to outcomes of specific questions, as well as displaying within the classroom to support spelling.

Probability game:

This game has been a huge hit with our children. With knowledge in place, this game can be modelled first by the teacher and then played by groups of children, pairs of children or children on their own as a math centre activity.

The game is easy. Once the parts have been printed and laminated to protect the resources for many years of use, children pick a game card and, using the game pieces, recreate the image on the card. Once the image has been recreated, the children must solve all four questions on the game card. Children must use the language of probability, as well as their fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents.

The game comprises of 144 game pieces and 38 question cards (each with four questions on).

The children love this game.

As an extension, our children use the game pieces to create their own images and then ask their own questions to their partners to see if they can apply their knowledge of probability.

Please view the preview folder to see the quality of the resources and how you can use this resource your own teaching.

These resources are available separately if you do not wish to buy the bundle.

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