Rates and Ratios Digital Game using Google™ Slides - Zombie Apocalypse

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Your students will love this game using Google Slides that practices rates and ratios. The game is a fun adventure which has you in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse! You must solve various questions from your ratios unit (15 in total) to survive.

For this resource, each student who will be completing the activity needs a Google account (although no sign in is required!) and Internet access. You will receive a link to the game to share with your class. Teacher directions are included to help you in implementing this digital resource in your classroom.

Also included in your download is optional student worksheets with all of the problems to show working out and demonstrate engagement.

The topics covered in the questions include:

* Finding Ratios (visual)

* Ratio wording

* Rate Language

* Ratio and unit rates

* Using Unit Prices

* Understanding Ratios

* Reducing Ratios

* Writing Equations from Ratios

* Equivalent Ratios

* Rates - speed

* Ratio word problems

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