Salem Witch Trials Primary Source Analysis

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  • Salem Witch Trials Primary Source Analysis
  • Salem Witch Trials Primary Source Analysis


Students will read and analyze a brief background on the Salem Witch Trials and an account of Martha Corey's trial for witchcraft by answering 10 questions and completing 2 creative tasks. The answers are included where appropriate and this would be great for a sub! ***UPDATED to include an image analysis section.***

Sample questions include:
--Do you think one explanation for these events carries more weight than others, why or why not? 
--Could Martha Corey have prevented her fate? Why and how or why not?
--Create Corey's historically plausible, yet creative, "sarcastic response."
--In what ways did the girls claim to be afflicted by Corey?
--Why do you think there aren't records provided of anyone arguing in favor of Corey's innocence?
--Does the use of color affect your perception of this event, why or why not?

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