Scientific Method Escape Room

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Resource type:
digital escape room
6, 7, 8
Teacher Answers:
Preparation require:
no prep


Want a fun, no prep way to consolidate and review the scientific method? This is it! An engaging digital escape room suitable for years 6, 7 and 8. No preparation required!!!!!
Understanding the scientific method is so crucial for students continuing to study science in later years. This escape room provides an interactive way to revise their understanding of the scientific method.
Why use a digital escape room?
1. It is zero prep! Just share the link with students and away they go!
2. It is a fun and engaging way for students to review content.
3. It builds student skills in problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration.
4. It can be used in a wide range of environments including in the classroom, online learning, homeschooling and distance education.
5. Full teacher answers included.
What is needed to access the digital escape room?
Students just need access to a device with internet access. While the escape room uses a Google Form, students are not required to sign in so they don't need an account to play.
What does the digital escape room consist of?
The activity contains 8 tasks students must complete in order to 'escape'.
Answers are entered into a Google Form (provided). The task cards are included digitally within the Google Form, but a printable pdf version is also included for you.
What this science digital escape room covers:
This science escape room covers the scientific method, accuracy, reliability, validity, data and observations.
Teacher answers included.
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