Self-Esteem Group Counseling Curriculum

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  • Self-Esteem Group Counseling Curriculum
  • Self-Esteem Group Counseling Curriculum


► What can I use this product for?

Self-esteem is an important part of teen development because if they have a strong self of who they are, they develop healthier relationships and cope better with setbacks in life. This group will help teens understand who they are and what their strengths are. It has in-person and distance learning options to help with any quarantines your students experience this year. It is perfect for group counseling, small life skills classes, or individual online work.

 What is included in this product?

8 one-hour group counseling lessons, attendance record, referral form, and lesson schedule

⭐ Week 1- Who Am I?

⭐ Week 2- Friends

⭐ Week 3- Personal Playlist

⭐ Week 4- Self-Talk

⭐ Week 5- Resiliency

⭐ Week 6- Growth Mindset

⭐ Week 7- Vision Board

⭐ Week 8- Service Project

⭐ 5 Additional Self-Esteem Activity Ideas

⭐ Link to a Google Slides version for individual distance learning ready with text boxes for students to type their answers, you don't have to do any work!


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