Skeletal System Exam

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  • Skeletal System Exam
  • Skeletal System Exam
  • Skeletal System Exam
  • Skeletal System Exam
  • Skeletal System Exam


This listing features a four-page exam about the skeletal system for students in Human Anatomy & Physiology. The following is a breakdown of the learning targets by section in this assessment. The test features the following sections.
  • Latin to English root word section
  • Functions of the skeletal system
  • Morphological classes of bone shape
  • Bone groupings
  • Morphological cross-section of long bone terms
  • Sketch fractures
  • Identify and circle terms out of place in the series
  • Bone formation and reabsorption
  • Joints
  • True or false
  • Changes that occur to our skeletons as we age
  • Joint movements
  • Disorders/conditions
I provided word banks for several sections. This listing includes a four-page key with the answers in colored font.
This PDF document will become editable upon conversion to Microsoft Word using an Adobe Acrobat Reader DC app. 
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