Spring Themed Classroom Decorations

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  • Spring Themed Classroom Decorations
  • Spring Themed Classroom Decorations
  • Spring Themed Classroom Decorations
  • Spring Themed Classroom Decorations


Spring Themed Classroom Decorations

Ready for Spring? This Spring Themed Classroom Decorations has endless possibilities for math lessons, games, and decor.

Print on card stock and laminate for years of use!

Matching, patterns, and counting are just some examples.

Grades: Pre-k, Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade




Cut out and hang

63 pages

Page 2: Dragonflies

Page 3: Birds

Page 4: Butterflies

Page 5: Small Tulips

Page 6: Small Sunflowers

Page 7: Small Grass

Page 8: Large Tulips

Page 9: Large Sunflowers

Page 10: Large Grass

Page 11-13: Bees, Ants, Frogs

Page 14: Frogs on Lily Pads

Page 15: Lily Pads

Page 16: White Clouds

Page 17: Storm Clouds

Page 18: Small Raindrops

Page 19: Large Raindrops

Page 20: Small Rainbows

Page 21: Large Rainbows

Page 22: Small Trees

Page 23: Large Trees

Page 24-26: Kites Yellow, Green, Blue

Page 27-29: Umbrellas Purple, Green, Blue

Page 30: Rabbits

Page 31: Large Frog Pond

Page 32: Small Frog Pond

Page 33: Small Water Lilies

Page 34: Large Water Lilies

Page 35: Large Cattails

Page 36: Small Cattails

Page 37: Large Pond

Page 38: Small Pond

Page: 39-43: Watering Cans Green, Blue and Orange

Page: 44: Play mat for characters.

Page 45-52: Spring Banners

Page 53-61: Quotes and Sayings

Page 62: Gnomes


A play mat.

Print, laminate and cut out.

Use hook and loop or

sticky tac on characters for students to play with again and again!


Created in PPT saved as PDF


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