St Patrick's Day

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  • St Patrick's Day
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St. Patrick's Day: Web-quest

Teaching about St. Patrick's Day? Need a fun activity for Students learning about St Patrick's Day? Need a creative Distance learning activity? Need a project to get students interested?

St. Patrick's Day: Web-quest is designed for success in middle school or high school. This lesson is designed to allow students learn more about St Patrick's Day. Students will dive deep into the history of St. Patrick's Day. This comprehensive activity provides rigorous instruction allowing students to research and understand the topic. Allows students to have a more creative take on it! This Lesson can be used in middle school or high school.


This includes:

★ WebQuest

★ Step by Step Directions


★ No Prep

★ Ready to go

★ St Patricks Day History

★ 33 Questions

★ Working Links!


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