Teens with Grit Workbook

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  • Teens with Grit Workbook
  • Teens with Grit Workbook
  • Teens with Grit Workbook


► What can I use this product for?

This workbook is a perfect supplement to group counseling, classroom lessons, or a Lunch Bunch Group. Staple them into packets, take it to a copy shop to get binding and a cover, or use the worksheets individually. You can also keep extra copies in your office to give to students as a take-home who are struggling getting through something hard. This workbook is the same as my Girls with Grit Workbook, with the exception of a few pages changed to be gender neutral.



 What is included in this product?

20 worksheets PDF or distance learning:

⭐ What is grit?

⭐ Grit reflection

⭐ Grit descriptions

⭐ Confidence reflection

⭐ Confidence reflection continued

⭐ Relationships

⭐ Strengths

⭐ Decision making skills

⭐ Optimism

⭐ Core beliefs

⭐ Motivation

⭐ Sense of purpose at school

⭐ Sense of purpose on a larger scale

⭐ Endurance

⭐ Coping skills

⭐ Self-control

⭐ Courage

⭐ Problem Solving Skills

⭐ Affirmations

⭐ Reflection


*Link to Google Slides distance learning option


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