Texas Revolution Battles Sketch Notes Video Lesson

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This incredible highlight video takes students on an overview of the Texas Revolution Battles. Students can relate to the story line of the events being paralleled with a roller coaster with its highs and lows. My template (created with permission from the original author of these videos) provides students with the scaffolding to take notes on while viewing the video. The images and cool note taking style makes this subject easy for students to understand and retain the content. This is a great introduction or review for the topics covered. Teacher directions included will lay out how to use this in your classroom. I have included a picture of my teacher notes as a key.

Battles/ Events Covered:

Battle of Gonzales

Battle of Goliad

Battle of San Antonio

Constitution of 1824

Texas Declaration of Independence

The Alamo

The Goliad Massacre

Runaway Scrape

The Battle of San Jacinto

The Treaty of Velasco

Included in purchase:

  • Link to Video
  • Notes template
  • Teacher Sample
  • Clear Teacher Directions
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