The Blue Planet (2001) - Episode 6: Coral Seas - Video Response Worksheet & Key

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Video Response Worksheets
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  • The Blue Planet (2001) - Episode 6: Coral Seas - Video Response Worksheet & Key
  • The Blue Planet (2001) - Episode 6: Coral Seas - Video Response Worksheet & Key
  • The Blue Planet (2001) - Episode 6: Coral Seas - Video Response Worksheet & Key


This Video Response Worksheet and Key is based on the BBC documentary series "The Blue Planet (2001) - Episode 6: Coral Seas" as narrated by David Attenborough.
You will receive a zip file which contains a Video Response Worksheet (in both PDF and editable DOCX formats) and a Video Response Worksheet Key (in both PDF and editable DOCX formats).
Video Response Worksheets will turn your history or science lesson into a rich educational experience that keeps students attentive, engaged, and accountable. The questions are designed so that they occur at a regular pace to keep the students engaged but not overloaded. They are also designed so that a review of the completed worksheet gives students a basic overall summary of the video.
Each episode is approximately 50 minutes long.
From the producer:
SERIES DESCRIPTION: More is known about the surface of the moon than the deep oceans on Earth, yet the sea constitutes two thirds of our planet.
The oceans are an integral part of our lives. Their influence dominates the world’s weather systems. They support an enormous range of life, from the largest whales to the smallest plankton, from hordes of sea birds to lonely, deep-sea fish. All this is governed by a complex system of biological and physical forces.
Each 50-minute program peers into this watery world, with spectacular footage exploring shores and shallows teeming with life and uncovering unseen depths.
Chronicling the mysteries of the deep, coastline populations, sea mammals, tidal and climatic influences and the complete biological system that revolves around the world’s oceans, Blue Planet is the definitive exploration of the marine world.
IN THIS EPISODE: Bathed in warm, clear tropical water and brilliant sunlight, coral reefs are the rainforests of the sea. Surrounded by ocean deserts they are rich oases of life. Spectacular numbers make it necessary to stand out and survive. This competition is highly visible as brightly colored fish compete for food, territory and mates. But the corals themselves are also dynamic. Incredible time-lapse photography shows the dramatic formation of a coral reef.
Multi-episode bundle coming soon!
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