The Reproductive System

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Health is Elementary
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  • The Reproductive System
  • The Reproductive System
  • The Reproductive System
  • The Reproductive System


This lesson plan explains in detail how the reproductive system works. There are 8 different sections, so the teacher can decide and use the information you feel your class is mature enough to understand. Detailed images of the reproductive system (with labels) are included. 3 activities, clip art, printables, no prep needed, answer key and Rubric.

Included in this lesson plan is:

Section One

How reproductive systems work

How fertilization/pregnancy occurs- detailed image of fertilization process ( age appropriate for all learners 8th grade and up.)

Section Two

The female reproductive system (Detailed image of labeled female internal and external organs-which can be included or excluded, as to the teacher's discretion)                                                        

 What is inside the female reprodoctive system. What is menstruation (periods?)- puberty in girls

The Male reproductive system(Detailed image of labeled male genitals and reproductive internal and external organs-which can be included or excluded, as to the teacher's discretion)

What does the Male reproductive system do?

Puberty in boys 

Section Three

The stages of growth of the baby, in the mother's womb

Images of each month-with an explanation.

Additional information on how the child is developing

Section Four 

The males responsibility regarding sex

"No means No"- asking and getting consent

The females responsibility regarding sex

Understanding you need to give verbal permission

Section Five

Myths on how to avoid pregnancy during sex

Birth control and talking to your doctor regarding using it

Section Six

Safe sex information

STD's information

Section Seven

Understanding your own sexual orientation and gender identity

Questions and answers on sexual identity and orientation

Section Eight

Summing it up

Where to get help, if needed


"Document based questions"-with answer key and Rubric

"Phony Document"-Find the inaccuracies in the text, and correct them-answer key included

"Assessment"- Fill in the blanks- with answer key

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2 Reviews

  • 4

    Health Science

    Posted by Mona Houts on Sep 8th 2019

    Very good info, but way long. Too many pages. It would be helpful to have clearer handouts for the kids. The pictures included are not big enough and I had to edit.

  • 5

    Great resource

    Posted by Marty Howter on Apr 20th 2019


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