Vital Signs EXTRA CREDIT Assignment

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My Students constantly asked for Extra Credit.  I rarely gave them assignments because most of the time it was something that they wanted to do at the last minute and I didn't have time to grade the papers at the last minute.  However, I finally decided one year that if they wanted to do the work then I would assign extra credit at the first of the year for each major standard I had to teach and make it relevant to what I was teaching and to make it something they could actually benefit from.  Sometimes, my students that were out sick could use these assignments to make up for labs they missed.  When they turned in their assignments (by deadline), I would give them to an English Teacher that allowed her students to read and grade the assignments for their own extra credit.  It was a win win for all.  Good Luck and I hope you enjoy.  I will be sharing more for various topics.  

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