Which One Doesn't Belong? SAINT PATRICK'S DAY - FREE

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  • Which One Doesn't Belong? SAINT PATRICK'S DAY - FREE
  • Which One Doesn't Belong? SAINT PATRICK'S DAY - FREE


This is a fantastic Saint Patrick's Day activity to get your students thinking, categorizing, and making a persuasive argument.

Ask students to study the four images and decide which one doesn't belong. The image grouping has been carefully designed so that a valid argument could be made for any one of the four images. Allow students to think critically and make a case. Students enjoy the activity and it serves as important practice in problem solving skills. This kind of logical-thinking is important in many careers--including STEM. If you are familiar with the game SET, the thinking process involved here is somewhat similar.

Use as a sentence starter or prompt for persuasive writing or as a fun brain teaser with no wrong answers!

No prep is needed—just print (or project) and go! This is great for remote learning and distance learning as well as a bell ringers, warm ups or morning work.

Visit Teacher Toy Shop for more fun teaching resources—including more Which One Doesn't Belong? challenges.

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