World War I Reading Unit and Worksheets

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  • World War I Reading Unit and Worksheets
  • World War I Reading Unit and Worksheets
  • World War I Reading Unit and Worksheets
  • World War I Reading Unit and Worksheets
  • World War I Reading Unit and Worksheets


This Reading Unit on World War I can be used to replace a textbook or supplement a unit on World War I. Many resources are included with this product:

  • Timeline: A timeline of events preceding, during, and after the Great War.
  • Reading Guide/Standards: Includes information about vocabulary, reading level, and standards for Common Core, Ohio, and Virginia.
  • Reading with Vocabulary: 17 pages of reading that includes pictures, visuals, maps, and other primary sources. The text is broken down by topic and covers the beginning of the war to the end. Vocabulary words are highlighted throughout the text and definitions are included as well.
  • Supplemental Materials
    • Individual Topic Readings and Worksheets: These readings and worksheets provide more information about five topics: The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, The Sinking of the Lusitania, Trench Warfare, Technology, and the Treaty of Versailles. A worksheet accompanies each of these supplementals. Answer keys are also included.
    • Depth of Knowledge Questions: A chart of DOK questions from all four levels. An answer key is also included.
    • Multiple Choice Worksheets: 3 multiple choice questions worksheets that can be used as quizzes or comprehension checks. Answer keys included.
    • Political Cartoons: A page of political cartoons from the era.
    • Glossary of Terms: Words and definitions from the text.

52 total pages are included, including over 20 pages of reading and over 10 different resources.

 Answer Keys are included for all activities and worksheets. This resource includes a Teacher Version with all of the answer keys and also a student version with the answer keys removed. This will allow for easy sharing.

This resource was designed to replace a textbook chapter about World War I. The information is concise and to the point. The reading level of the text is tested at 9-10 grade but the reading ease is much lower. This reading unit is intended to reach all learners. 

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