3D shapes 2 - complex shapes

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Print, cut and fold these templates into 3D forms. 3D nets are a fantastic way to have fun. The shapes on these worksheets can be cut-out to make the following range of complicated 3D objects:

  • Octahedron
  • Dodecahedron
  • Rhombic prism
  • Icosahedron
  • Hexagonal prism
  • Twisted pentagonal prism
  • Twisted cube
  • Twisted hexagonal prism

In this range:

  • 3D nets 1
  • 3D nets 2 (this one)
  • 3D nets 3

For each 3D shape, there are two worksheets with two or more variations of the shape in different sizes. Most templates have white versions as well as colored versions. You can always print them onto colored paper or card. Each 3D template has tabs that you can optionally cut around, which can be used to glue to final shape together. Alternatively, just use sticky tape.

Suitable for printing in B/W as well as color.

Ideal for distance learning - no prep required!

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