American History 88 Word Crossword Puzzle

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  •  American History 88 Word Crossword Puzzle
  •  American History 88 Word Crossword Puzzle


This is a huge 88-word crossword puzzle that covers key words, people, and events from the French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, Washington's Presidency, Adam's Presidency, Jefferson's Presidency, Louisiana Purchase, XYZ Affair, Alien & Sedition Acts. It covers the acts passed by the British on the colonies, major battles of the Revolutionary War. Washington's cabinet. Branches of Government, Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, First Political Parties, Amendments, & many more!

I used it as my study guide for my 8th graders semester test and I've also used it as an assignment for my students to work on whenever I am going to be absent from class and was unprepared. I know a good teacher should never be unprepared, but it happens :). You could also use it as an internet scavenger hunt assignment.

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