Ancient History Cumulative Review Project

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  • Ancient History Cumulative Review Project
  • Ancient History Cumulative Review Project


Students will design and open a museum to review a semester or year of Ancient History. Each group will be assigned 1-3 cultures or civilizations and will create a wing or room of the museum for each. There are 12 academic and creative requirements to fulfill (each is thoroughly outlined in the instructions) including:
--creating maps comparing the civilization's ancient and modern boundaries
--providing an academic explanation of how the civilization developed, what and who it is most known for, and what led to it’s demise, downfall, disappearance, or simply fading from prominence
--identifying noteworthy artifacts and people from said civilization/culture
--detailing any part of modern society that comes from each ancient group
--creating an advertisement for the museum
--a whole class component, and more!
A selection of 20 civilizations/cultures is provided for students to choose from to supplement your curriculum if need be. A points distribution is included.
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