Battles of the Revolutionary War: March Madness Edition!

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Heaven in Grade Seven
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  • Battles of the Revolutionary War: March Madness Edition!
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Put a March Madness spin on the battles of the Revolutionary War!

Using a bracket, the students will assess the significance of 8 Revolutionary War battles. They will explain their reasoning for each round of the bracket until they have an overall winner! There is no right or wrong answer to their activity, which is why I think it's a great project for the students. They need to explain why one battle is more significant than another which assesses their knowledge of the battles and tests their reasoning skills.

The battles included in the bracket can be easily replaced to better suit your class. This activity can be completed individually, in partners or groups, and can be used as an end of unit project or review activity.

I hope you find this resource useful! Check out Heaven in Grade Seven for more resources! 

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