Borrowing Money Webquest

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  • Borrowing Money Webquest
  • Borrowing Money Webquest
  • Borrowing Money Webquest
  • Borrowing Money Webquest


This resource has been updated with good links (January 2020) and is a great resource to use in a Personal Finance or Financial Literacy course. The purpose of the web quest is to get students to understand the importance of budgeting and how to manage debt and borrow money responsibly. Four websites are used in this web quest. They are:
  • Debt Test - Students answer questions to test their knowledge about debt.
  • Money Quiz - Students complete a quiz about personal finance.
  • Financial Services - Students complete questions about financial services.
  • Video - Students watch a brief video about Warren Buffet and borrowing money
The webquest guides students through a variety of websites about loans, borrowing money, and debt. This would be a good resource to use for an independent student activity.
This resource includes a Microsoft Word version and a PDF version of the webquest. 
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