Bundle: Political Cartoons in American History

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Political Cartoon Analysis
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171 (including PPTs, graphic organizers, questions, and answer keys)
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  • Bundle: Political Cartoons in American History
  • Bundle: Political Cartoons in American History
  • Bundle: Political Cartoons in American History
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Political cartoons are an excellent way of keeping students engaged and promoting critical thinking. This series of 21 political cartoons addresses topics in American history between the Revolution and the Progressive Era:

Each political cartoon includes:

1. A PowerPoint - complete with discussion notes for each slide - that teachers can use to lead students through the cartoon.

2. An introductory paragraph that describes the circumstances behind the cartoon.

3. A full-size picture of the cartoon, allowing students to label as instructed.

4. A graphic organizer that assists students in identifying different parts of the cartoon, analyzing symbols, and determining the meaning of the cartoon.

5. A series of questions based on the political cartoon.

6. An answer key.

For those seeking distance learning options, the assignments associated with the political cartoons can easily be converted to a digital activity using Google Slides.

Although you can purchase these resources separately, I am bundling them here at a discount. I use these resources in my own class room and am certain you will find these a valuable addition to your curriculum.

I continue to add cartoons related to United States History.  If there is a specific cartoon you wish to see, please let me know.


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