Circles (Geometry - Unit 12)

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  • Circles (Geometry - Unit 12)
  • Circles (Geometry - Unit 12)
  • Circles (Geometry - Unit 12)
  • Circles (Geometry - Unit 12)


Get your head aROUND circles with a unit that has all the important info you need!
This is a unit bundle that contains presentation notes, student follow-along notes handouts, glossary, glossary cards, 7 practice worksheets, 6 section quizzes, a study guide, and a unit test (multiple-choice & short-answer versions).
The notes introduce each concept along with a few examples. They are in-depth enough to cover a topic well, and, at the same time, are brief enough to allow you to add related topics/examples of your choice without being overwhelming or stifling your own creativity/flexibility.
The topics included are:
1) Circle Basics - including identifying parts of a circle, applying the relationships between angles and arcs, and converting between radians and degrees
2) Distance & Area in a Circle - including the circumference of a circle, the area of a circle, arc length, sector area, and segment area
3) Angles Associated with Circles - including angles formed by lines intersecting inside/outside of a circle, angles formed by a tangent & radius, opposite angles of an inscribed quadrilateral, angles formed by a tangent and a chord, and an angle inscribed in a semicircle
4) Segments Associated with Circles - including the bisection of a chord/arc when the diameter is perpendicular to the chord, the congruence of two tangents intersecting outside a circle, chords equidistant from the center, and segment relationships for intersections inside or outside of a circle
5) Equations & Graphs of Circles - including multiple combinations of given information to relate the radius/diameter, center, equation, and graph of a circle
6) Vocabulary - 45 terms/theorems/postulates
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