Constructions (Geometry - Unit 8)

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  • Constructions (Geometry - Unit 8)
  • Constructions (Geometry - Unit 8)
  • Constructions (Geometry - Unit 8)
  • Constructions (Geometry - Unit 8)


Is it possible to copy a segment without using a ruler and measuring it? Is it possible to copy an angle without getting a protractor involved? The answer is YES! This unit will show how to do it in just a few steps. Each construction is done in 4 steps or fewer.
This is a unit bundle that contains presentation notes, student follow-along notes handouts, glossary, glossary cards, 3 practice worksheets, 3 section quizzes, and a unit test. **Please note that this unit does not contain a study guide due to the nature of the content it covers.**
The notes introduce each type of construction addressed. They are in-depth enough to cover a topic well, and, at the same time, are brief enough to allow you to add related topics/examples of your choice without being overwhelming or stifling your own creativity/flexibility.
The topics included are:
1) Basic Constructions - including copy of a segment, copy of an angle, parallel lines, midpoint, perpendicular bisector, perpendicular line through a point off line, perpendicular line through a point on line, and angle bisector
2) Intermediate Constructions - including equilateral triangle, square, regular hexagon inscribed in a circle, circumcircle, and incircle
3) Vocabulary - 20 terms/theorems/postulates
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