Create Your Own Map

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Activity, Project
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Doc, PDF
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  • Create Your Own Map
  • Create Your Own Map
  • Create Your Own Map


In this activity, students are tasked with creating their own map of a fictional or real location. This is a highly flexible activity that can be made to work in classrooms in many grade levels. The purpose of the activity is to teach geography, map reading, and critical thinking skills to students.

Included with this product are two pages. The first, a directions and hints page to inform students of their task. The maps themselves will be completed using a separate document/paper. The second page of the resource includes three response questions (including a chart) about the creation process and the thoughts behind their creation.

The activity and the response questions encourage critical thinking, collaboration (if a group activity), and creativity. The response questions and finished product will provide assessment data as well.

This product includes a Microsoft Word and PDF version of the resource. 

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