D-Day Primary Source Activity | VIDEO Lesson!

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  • D-Day Lesson Plan
  • World War II in Europe Lesson Plan
  • D-Day Primary Source Activity | VIDEO Lesson!
  • D-Day Primary Source Activity | VIDEO Lesson!
  • D-Day Primary Source Activity | VIDEO Lesson!
  • D-Day Primary Source Activity | VIDEO Lesson!


All these resources go with this episode from History For Humans on D-Day & The War in Europe.

This is the third episode and lesson of my World War II unit that focuses on the amazing triumph of the D-Day invasion and everything that went into it. Teaching through the power of story, the video focuses on the men who stormed the beaches, the planning of it including the fake army across from Calais to fool the Nazis, and how the invasion led to the liberation of Europe. It also zooms out to cover the larger context of the War in Europe- starting with the North Africa Campaign, Stalingrad, and closes with the Battle of Bulge. 

The resources that go with it include an interactive notesheet that gets students to make predictions, analyze a photograph, define terms, and complete a cause and effect chart. Then the extension lesson is primary source activity where students analyze 2 texts; FDR's "D-Day Prayer", a letter from a wife at home hearing the news of D-Day to her husband overseas, a map, and analyzing a soldier's supplies and uniform. You can use all of them or cut some to make it a shorter lesson but the overall question is "Why was D-Day so Important for America and the War?" With different tasks, students will be engaged and able to show their learning in numerous ways while connecting deeply to history and developing historical thinking skills! And there are answers keys for everything! 

I do hope you enjoy it!

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