Dominoes! Reviewing Parts of Speech Noun Functions

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ELA in Middle School
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Homeschool, 6-9
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137, including Teachers' Notes and Terms of Use
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Yes, 4 pages
  • Dominoes! Reviewing Parts of Speech Noun Functions
  • Dominoes! Reviewing Parts of Speech Noun Functions
  • Dominoes! Reviewing Parts of Speech Noun Functions
  • Dominoes! Reviewing Parts of Speech Noun Functions
  • Dominoes! Reviewing Parts of Speech Noun Functions



This new take on the classic game challenges student-scholars knowledge of Noun Functions in a fun, fast paced review game! Each set has 49 tiles with noun functions on one end and sentences with underlined nouns on the opposite end. Players connect the tiles by playing a sentence on the function that the underlined noun serves, or by playing the function on the sentence! Strategy becomes a must as well!

Objectives: The students will review noun functions while engaging in playing a game.

Terms reviewed: Noun, Subject, Direct Object, Indirect Object, Object of the Preposition, Object of the Infinitive

Teacher Prep Time: Printing set(s) of 13 pages on cardstock (recommended) or paper, laminating the pages, cutting out the tiles. 40 minutes to carefully cut out one set of tiles from card stock, plus printing/laminating.

Lesson Duration: Less than one class period.

Included in This Product:

9 Different colored sets of Dominoes tiles (13 pages/49 tiles per set) to print on white paper or cardstock

1 Set of black and white Dominoes tiles (13 pages/49 tiles) to print on white or colored paper or cardstock

Teacher notes for implementation

This product goes beyond the TEKS standards and expectations. 

This lesson is appropriate for grades 6 – 9 and homeschools.


ELA in Middle School


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