Organisms and Environments - Domino Review

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6th - 8th
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Cooperative Learning Game
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In this activity, students will play a domino review game to revisit concepts taught during the organisms & environments unit. Students will play in groups to try and match up given vocabulary terms with their definitions. This activity is to reinforce all concepts already taught.

This resource includes: 

  • Teacher/Student Instructions
  • Organisms and Environments - Domino Review
  • Organisms and Environments - Domino Review - Answer Key
  • Domino Review Sheet - Vocabulary Term/Definition Sheet - (Interactive Notebook Page)
  • Domino Review Sheet - Vocabulary Term/Definition Sheet - Answer Key 

Vocabulary Terms Included in Domino Review Game:

  1. Cell
  2. Tissue
  3. Organ
  4. Organ System
  5. Organism
  6. Digestive System
  7. Circulatory System
  8. Respiratory System
  9. Skeletal System
  10. Endocrine System
  11. Excretory System
  12. Integumentary System
  13. Nervous System
  14. Reproductive System
  15. Consumer
  16. Producer
  17. Decomposer
  18. Food Chain
  19. Food Web 
  20. Energy Pyramid
  21. Ecosystem
  22. Primary Succession
  23. Secondary Succession
  24. Biodiversity 
  25. Microhabitat
  26. Sustainability

Teacher Notes: Laminating these cards on card stock paper helps the students get right to review. Try this, it really helps.


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