Dunkirk Primary Source Analysis

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  • Dunkirk Primary Source Analysis
  • Dunkirk Primary Source Analysis


Students will read and analyze the historical background and a primary source excerpt from an account of the World War 2 (WW2, WWII) evacuation at Dunkirk. They will answer 16 questions, complete a comprehension task, and if time allows answer one more question after watching a 5 minute video and/or reading an article with extension information. The answers are included where appropriate and this would be great for a sub.  Sample questions include:

--Summarize the challenges facing Ramsay and his staff. 
--Inferring from context clues, why do you think so many physical resources were left behind?
--In this context, what does “brilliant” mean?
--Why do you think Divine would always remember so clearly what he described in the second paragraph of the second page?
--Explain the significance of the men still having, “astonishing discipline?”
--How does the pick up of the Frenchmen rowers contrast with the rest of the account?

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