Ecology Unit Test

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  • Ecology Unit Test
  • Ecology Unit Test
  • Ecology Unit Test
  • Ecology Unit Test
  • Ecology Unit Test


Welcome! This is a four-page test about the basics of ecology. I proctor it in my seventh-grade life science class. This test may also be serviceable in an introductory high school ecology unit.
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There are seven sections in the test, listed and described in more detail below.
(Mortality, natality, immigration, emigration, niche, population density, biotic, abiotic, habitat, producer, consumer and decomposer)
Short Answer
  • Rank the following in order from largest to smallest (Ecosphere, population, community, organism, ecosystem)
  • Explain how plant succession and food chains are similar
  • Explain how a community is different than a population
  • Define carrying capacity in ecology
  • Describe an example of mimicry
I See What Does Not Belong
Four ecology terms are listed across in a row. Students circle the word that is out of place. Students then identify and write the theme of the remaining three words on the line.
Six questions
Symbiosis and the Interactions of Species
Students identify whether the scenario describes mutualism, parasitism, predation, commensalism, or competition. Eight problems.
Name that Biome! Students indicate whether the numbered characteristic describes a tundra, taiga, desert, tropical rainforest, grassland, deciduous forest, freshwater, or marine biome. There are fourteen descriptors to classify.
Water Cycle Mapping
Students unscramble the terms from two separate word banks into a logical flow of two possible water cycles – one that cycles through a plant, and the other that does not.
I provided a four-page key with the answers in red font.
This resource complements the following activities relating to ecology in my store.
  • Basics of Ecology Crossword Puzzle Series
  • Symbiosis Cryptogram Puzzle
  • Mark and Recapture Lab Using Poker Chips
  • Symbiosis Classification Worksheet Series 
I appreciate your interest.
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