Solar System Unit Test

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  • Solar System Unit Test
  • Solar System Unit Test
  • Solar System Unit Test
  • Solar System Unit Test
  • Solar System Unit Test


This listing features a four-page test about the Solar System for a middle school earth science class. It focuses on the sun, the eight major planets, and other celestial objects like comets.
There are seven sections on the test:
· Short answer / defend your answer – regarding features you can or would never observe on planets due to their classification (2 questions)
· Multiple-choice (19 questions)
· Write out the equation for nuclear fusion using a provided term bank
· Table – match the ancient scientist or mathematician to their credited contribution in astronomy (4 historical figures)
· Table – check mark the primary listed atmospheric gas for each of the eight planets
· Which planet? Write the name of the planet next to its stated unique feature (14 Q)
· Short answer – Four questions 
Other topics covered on this test include the layers of the sun’s atmosphere, the main features of the sun’s surface, various gravitational forces in the Solar System, Greek/Latin breakdown of some root words, and other miscellaneous terms such as orbit, revolution, rotation, ellipse, and axis.
The test also asks students to identify the correct ranking of the terrestrial planets from the thickest to the thinnest atmosphere and from the hottest to the coldest planet.
This PDF document will become editable upon conversion to Microsoft Word using an Adobe Acrobat Reader app. You could alter the title and assigned point values after document conversion and use it as a summative study guide instead. I included a complete key with the answers highlighted in red font.
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