Escape from Summer Camp Back-to-School Digital Escape Room

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Curley Girl
Grade Level:
4th - 6th Grade
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Digital escape room
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PDF/Google Sites
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  • Escape from Summer Camp Back-to-School Digital Escape Room
  • Escape from Summer Camp Back-to-School Digital Escape Room
  • Escape from Summer Camp Back-to-School Digital Escape Room
  • Escape from Summer Camp Back-to-School Digital Escape Room


The first week of the school year can seem like a month until procedures are in place and you get to know your students. This back-to-school digital escape room will add fun and engagement to these first days. It presents students with 5 problems to solve and hidden resources to help solve them. Escape rooms allow for learning at its best; the excitement of solving problems while they try to beat the clock makes learning an adventure. Working with a partner or two is a wonderful way to build collaboration. Digital escape rooms do NOT need any of the set up or materials but are just as much fun. There is no real preparation on the teacher's part and no papers to run off. They present students with a fun, authentic reason to do close reading, since clues often need to be read multiple times to be successful.
On the last day of summer camp, you realize your parents think you are riding the bus home and you thought they were picking you up. You end up the only one left at a deserted camp, meaning you have to beat the security code in 5 different places in order to escape. As the timer counts down (suggested time is 45 minutes), participants in this Back-to-School Escape Room will encounter problems like figuring out what kind of fish you caught, what color your tent is in Spanish, and how many claps there are in B-I-N-G-O. Links to the resources they'll need to solve each problem are hidden in pictures they can click on.
This escape room was created in Google Sites. (Note: Please be sure that your school district allows access to Google Sites! Each group will need a desktop computer, Chromebook, ipad, or other device that can access the Internet.) The link to the escape room site can be assigned in Google Classroom, emailed, copied and pasted, or typed in. A QR code is also included for easy scanning. Students can work in pairs or small groups to solve the puzzles. Answers to each lock are typed into a Google Form, which tells them immediately if their answer is correct so they can move on to the next challenge.
This PDF includes:
· the link and a QR code for the Escape Room
· instructions/suggestions for use
· solutions for the challenges
· 4 congratulatory signs that can be printed if you want students who successfully escape to hold them and pose for “victory photos.”

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Curley Girl


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