Facebook/Fakebook PowerPoint/Google Slides Project

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Make History Fun
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1 Week
  • Facebook/Fakebook PowerPoint/Google Slides Project
  • Facebook/Fakebook PowerPoint/Google Slides Project
  • Facebook/Fakebook PowerPoint/Google Slides Project


This is a 175 point Project where students create a Fakebook page in PowerPoint or with Google Slides!

This template will work for biography reports or reports over an event. I allow my history students to do either. You could use it as a book report template as well.

While putting together this project the students will do a great deal of research while writing facebook messages to their character or event, posting on the "wall," describing "events" they are going to attend that are important to the character or were influential in the cause of the event.

Students will enjoy creating this presentation and sharing them with their classmates. I added an additional page of other facebook type button in case the students want to add more slides. I had to add this page because many of my students wanted to do more pages!

There are a number of different hyperlinks active that allow your students to jump from "webpage to webpage" while their presentation is open.

Also included is my rubric and checklist for how I grade the presentations.

If you have any questions about the project email me here or at


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