George Washington Fakebook Facebook Page 1st Term of Presidency

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This is George Washington's FaKebook page that includes status updates, pictures, quotes, relationship status, and employment information about the first president of the United States. It begins at the beginning of his presidency and includes information about his Cabinet and pictures from important events leading up to his presidency. The French and Indian War, Washington Crossing the Delaware Christmas night, Mount Vernon, and picture of his wife Martha.

It covers the dispute between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson about economic issues facing the nation and their disagreements. The Residence Act of 1790 where the location of the capitol is changed from New York City to Washington D.C.

It provides information about the first census taken during Washington's presidency.

This is a fun way to teach your students about Washington's first term.
There are also 14 questions that check student comprehension of the page as well as the answer key.

I also have my students pick a couple of Washington's quotes and have them explain the meaning of them and we discuss them.

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