Human Anatomy & Physiology Unit 1 Exam

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  • Human Anatomy & Physiology Unit 1 Exam
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology Unit 1 Exam
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology Unit 1 Exam


This listing features a full-page introductory unit exam for human anatomy and physiology. It contains seven sections described below.

  • True or False – Anatomical position term statements. Correct the underlined position term if the description is inaccurate.
  • Write the English location for each listed Latin regional term
  • Abdominopelvic Region Table – Write the correct placement of the abdominopelvic regions into the table grids using a word (area) bank.
  • Identify the system of the body responsible for each listed primary function or functions
  • Determine the home of the organ in the correct cavity and cavity division
  • Record the hierarchy of life, from the smallest level of organization to the broadest level
  • Draw and describe the cuts of the three primary body planes

This PDF file will become editable upon conversion to Microsoft Word using an Adobe Acrobat DC Reader program.

I included a complete key with the answers in red font.

This test complements the following resources in my store for unit one in Human Anatomy and Physiology.

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I appreciate your interest. May this resource serve you well!

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