Lab safety lesson worksheets, slides and contract for middle school

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  • lab safety lesson science
  • lab safety lesson science
  • lab safety lesson science


Wondering how to cover all the lab safety rules required in the science lab? This comprehensive presentation and lab safety worksheet booklet will provide you with everything you need to cover classroom lab safety and rules. This resource also includes a lab safety contract for students to tick the boxes and sign as an agreement to abide by the lab safety rules. 
Why use this resource?
  1. Lab safety is important and it is important to ensure all the major rules are covered at the beginning of the year before any practical work takes place.
  2. It is important you have a record that you taught this to your students in the case of an injury or accident. The student contract is also a great way to keep this record that the lab rules have been communicated to them and they agree to abide by them.
  3. This resource is designed specifically for middle and high school science students so it is appropriate for their level of lab use. 
  4. It’s super cute with beautiful clipart!
What is included?
  • 21 Lab safety PowerPoint slides that cover regular lab safety and lab rules
  • Lab safety worksheet booklet (7 pages + cover page) that correspond with the above slides
  • 1 x Lab safety contract
  • Full teacher answers
This set uses the beautiful clipart (with permission) from Sarah Pecorino.

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