Overview of the Renaissance

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Heaven in Grade Seven
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Introduce your students to the Renaissance with this Google Slide presentation!

This presentation gives an overview of the Renaissance, including some of the different areas it impacted. The slides in this presentation are as follows:

  • Slide 1: Do Now/Warm Up
  • Slide 2: Overview
  • Slide 3: Clothing
  • Slide 4: Printing Press
  • Slide 5: Literature - Shakespeare
  • Slide 6: Excerpt from Sonnet 18
  • Slide 7: Movies inspired by Shakespeare
  • Slide 8: Art - Da Vinci
  • Slide 9: Art - Michelangelo
  • Slide 10: Music w/ YouTube links
  • Slide 11: Science - Copernicus
  • Slide 12: Heliocentrism
  • Slide 13: Galileo
  • Slide 14: Renaissance influence on European Exploration
  • Slide 15: Closure question: If the Renaissance did not happen, do you think the Age of Exploration would have happened? Why or why not?

I also included some speaker notes on the slides to help with the presentation. Since it is a Google Slide, it is completely editable and can be shared virtually or in person!

I used this presentation in my classroom as a quick overview of the Renaissance. For my curriculum, the students are required to know how the Renaissance influenced the Age of Exploration, so a brief overview of the Renaissance was sufficient.

I hope you find this resource useful! Check out Heaven in Grade Seven for more resources! :)

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