Power Words! Word Puzzles (and Doodles!) The Introductory Set

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ELA in Middle School
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Homeschool, 4-8
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Crosswords Puzzles with Doodles, Word Puzzles
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7 including Teacher Notes and Terms of Use
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Yes, 2 pages
  • Power Words! Word Puzzles (and Doodles!) The Introductory Set
  • Power Words! Word Puzzles (and Doodles!) The Introductory Set
  • Power Words! Word Puzzles (and Doodles!) The Introductory Set
  • Power Words! Word Puzzles (and Doodles!) The Introductory Set
  • Power Words! Word Puzzles (and Doodles!) The Introductory Set


We are confident that you will be extremely pleased with these review crosswords and word search! The Word Search will engage all of your students. The crosswords come in two versions, one with a word bank and one without a word bank. The word bank offers differentiation for EL, SPED and struggling students, while the puzzle without a word bank will engage your scholars who need the extra challenge. The addition of doodles will also engage those students who love to doodle as they work, and those who love to color when they are finished!

This puzzle set is designed to accompany and reinforce the vocabulary learning from ELA in Middle School’s “Power Words! Vocabulary Building Flashcards – The Introductory Set”. The words reviewed in this set are:

Ancestor; Ancestry; Breach; Ceremoniously; Dawdle; Diminish; Fester; Gunwales; Redemption; Sarcastically; Savor; Scour; Stoke; Vault

Please let us know how well these flashcards served you and your students. You can email us at, or contact us through our blog, Wandering the Halls of Academia – Teaching and Living Today! Also, please leave meaningful feedback and reviews for this product so that other teachers can make informed choices about their purchase decisions. Your opinion carries WEIGHT!

Best wishes and thank you,

Matthew and Suzanne

ELA in Middle School uses a border from Creative Clips and a teen from Ron Leishman Digital Toonage on the cover of this product. On the puzzles, we have utilized artwork from Carrie Stephens and Granny Goes to School, and borders and frames from Dancing Crayon Designs and Lovin’ Lit. Please visit these amazing vendors!

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