Producer Consumer Decomposer | Ecosystems | Card Sort

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Card Sort
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  • Producer Consumer Decomposer | Ecosystems | Card Sort
  • Producer Consumer Decomposer | Ecosystems | Card Sort
  • Producer Consumer Decomposer | Ecosystems | Card Sort


**Consumer Producer Decomposer Card Sort**

Teach science vocabulary and concepts with this low-prep sorting activity! Research shows that students learn best when they take an active part in their learning. Card sorts give students a hands-on opportunity to work with vocabulary and can be used in so many ways! Laminate the larger pictures to use as a center or station activity, use the sorting sheets with smaller pictures as notes in interactive notebooks, a homework assignment, or quick and easy formative assessment. For younger students have them sort pictures by producers and consumers. For older or advanced students have them sort by producer, decomposer and the three main types of consumers. Supports skills from the following standards: NGSS 5 LS2-1, MS LS2-3; TEKS SCI.5.9.B; VA SOL.4.3.b.

 **This Resource Includes**

  • 24 different color picture cards in 4 formats (3 different sizes, 1 with labels)
    • 6 Examples of Herbivores (Consumers)
    • 5 Examples of Carnivores (Consumers)
    • 5 Examples of Omnivores (Consumers)
    • 4 Examples of Producers
    • 4 Examples of Decomposers
  • 3 Differentiated Sorting Sheets
  • Category Labels
  • Answer Keys

Now available in a “DELUXE” version. Includes all materials in this resource along with an additional 24 organisms for even more variety.

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