Shakira - Acróstico - Spanish Song Lyrics & Activities

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  • Shakira - Acróstico - Spanish Song Lyrics & Activities
  • Shakira - Acróstico - Spanish Song Lyrics & Activities


Spanish song lyric activity based on Shakira's song "Acróstico"

Great for a sub plan or in-class activity

8 pages total

Includes lyrics, key vocab with examples, comprehension and discussion questions, reading, vocab quiz, and listening practice

Level: Upper-intermediate

Spanish music is all the craze these days, and many students love to listen to music and study the lyrics to help with their learning. This activity does much of the legwork for you by picking a popular song and helping you practice key vocabulary. It's perfect for teachers who want to keep their students engaged with pop culture material as well as for self-study.

I'm a new seller on this platform, so I would really appreciate any teachers who would like to download my activities and give them a review! I'm extremely passionate about teaching and learning languages and would love to share the results of my efforts with others. Please leave feedback about what you'd like to see included in future activities!

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