Spanish Clothes Flash Cards

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  • Spanish Clothes Flash Cards
  • Spanish Clothes Flash Cards
  • Spanish Clothes Flash Cards


Learning new words becomes easier and more fun with these colorful and engaging flash cards. The flash cards are very versatile and can be used in different activities. These flash cards feature 20 new words for your students.

In this resource, I’ve included a version with and without the words on the cards, both versions are available in full color and in a printer friendly black and white version.

PDF format in letter size for easy printing.

Some suggestions:
-laminate the flash cards or glue them to cardboard to make them more durable
-use the version with words to teach new vocabulary and use the version without words in a quiz
-the flash cards can be used in a game of charades
-they can also be used for a game called Heads Up

If you are looking for more resources like this one, check out the Lingo Fun store! For more Spanish resources, click here.

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