Spanish Zoo Animal Taboo Game

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  • Spanish Zoo Animal Taboo Game
  • Spanish Zoo Animal Taboo Game
  • Spanish Zoo Animal Taboo Game
  • Spanish Zoo Animal Taboo Game


Taboo is a great game to practise speaking for beginners and pre-intermediate Spanish students. Younger learners and students with special educational needs also love classroom games and Taboo is always a favorite! With this game, your students can practise their zoo animal words.

This game is played in teams. One person of each team gets a card and must describe the word on the card, without saying it. The rest of the team must guess the word. For each word the team can guess, they get a point. The team with the most points, wins the game. This game features 20 words and comes in 2 versions: easy and difficult. In the easy level, only the animal name is forbidden, the difficult level has additional forbidden words.

Both versions are available in full color and in black and white.

PDF format set to letter size for easy printing.

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