Spelling Term 4 Grade 6

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  • Spelling Term 4 Grade 6
  • Spelling Term 4 Grade 6
  • Spelling Term 4 Grade 6
  • Spelling Term 4 Grade 6
  • Spelling Term 4 Grade 6



This makes a great addition to your primary spelling resources. I have created a set of spelling lists for each of the grades. This pack contains a set of activities for each spelling list.

  • Instructions included in each of the sets of word lists
  • On each page there is a new set of list words for you to practice (see the word list below)
  • Firstly read each word in the word list
  • Then copy and write each word 3 times
  • Lastly, each letter has a value. Work out how much each word is worth using the table provided.

Week 1 In words ending in -ent and -ant, the e and a are often mistaken for one another.

Week 2 In many words, the letter i is confused with an e, y or a.

Week 3 Many English words use double consonants.

Week 4 Homophones are two words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings.

Week 5 Words with an ‘o’ sometimes are misspelled because the ‘o’ is left out of the word.

Week 6 In English, an s is added to the end of a word for two reasons.

Week 7 Words with an o sometimes get misspelled because the ‘o’ is mispronounced or an extra vowel, such as an ‘i, ‘is added.

Week 8 Many English words use double consonants.

Week 9 Many English words use a prefix before a root word.

Week 10Many writers confuse -ent and -ant, -ence and -ance, and -ery and -ary.

Use this resource for…


Morning Work

Literacy Centres

Early Finisher Tasks

Spelling Intervention

Distance Learning

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This is for use by one teacher in one classroom. If you would like to share with your colleagues, PLEASE purchase a multiple license. Thank you :)

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