Time Travel and the Constitution

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Carla Garrett – Economical Democracy
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Constitution/Group work
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Clear writing, organization, close reading
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  • Time Travel and the Constitution
  • Time Travel and the Constitution


Time Travel

Two chances for your students to have fun while giving them an appreciation for the beauty and strength of our Constitution.
In one activity, your class will travel back in time to help the Founders fix the Constitution: rewording the unclear parts and removing some of the problematic ones (e.g. slavery).
In the other, your class will travel forward in time to a help a new civilization (the Xorgians) who are writing a Constitution based on ours. They will need to use language that is clear and understandable today, since English is not the Xorgians' first language.
They will think about:
  • How the three branches of government check and balance each other;
  • What powers the president, congress and the courts should have;
  • What limitations on the power of the government should there be.
Working in groups, they’ll create their documents and then present them to the class.
You can also do the same activities with the Bill of Rights and 14th Amendment.

Download the free resource Constitution in a Nutshell here

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