U.S. Imperialism 1860-1920: A Gallery Walk Student Activity | Distance Learning

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Document Based Gallery Walk/ Google Activity
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**Includes a Google version for Distance Learning! Please make sure any resources placed online are password protected (no public access) Thanks!

 This 40 page packet contains everything you need to have your students participate in a Gallery Walk. A Gallery Walk is a teaching strategy that allows students to walk around the classroom, in a controlled setting, to examine various "museum-like" exhibits on the topic being addressed. In this activity, students analyze and examine 9 EXHIBITS, that contain multiple primary and secondary source based documents, political cartoons and excerpts related to U.S. Imperialism. As students examine each EXHIBIT they are required to answer comprehension questions about the exhibit and record their answers on a graphic organizer. Students will also deepen their understanding of U.S. Imperialism by reading and annotating an article on the topic. TOPICS ADDRESSED IN THIS LESSON: Purchase of Alaska, Annexation of Hawaii, Acquisition of Guam, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Cuba following the Spanish American War, Open Door Policy, Trade with Japan (Matthew Perry), and MORE.....All Materials are INCLUDED in this packet! You are purchasing: U.S. Imperialism EXHIBIT materials for 9 stations, U.S. Imperialism Article, all student handouts/graphic organizers and STEP-BY-STEP teacher directions for how to conduct the lesson.

Meets Common Core Standards and students actually ENJOY this lesson, I use it every year!

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