United States Withdraws from Vietnam

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This lesson is designed to last for an hour of class time or longer. Students will be provided with background information about how the United States withdrew from Vietnam. They will show what they know by completing engaging classroom activities and answering various depths of knowledge of questions related to the lesson. This lesson will require students to engage in both guided and independent practices.

They will challenged to be creative and use their high ordering thinking skills. This lesson will also provide teachers with extension activities that they can continue to use to check for understanding and engagement purposes.

Some of the questions that will be addressed will be

Which events prompted the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Vietnam War? Why?

Who was in favor of withdrawing, and who was against troop withdrawal? Why?

What was the public opinion of what “went wrong” in the Vietnam War? Why?

Who were the key people and groups involved in withdrawing troops? Why?

Contributor: Laura Pennington

Pages: 8

Key: No

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