Video Guide: The Plague

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Video Guide (40 questions)
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  • Video Guide: The Plague
  • Video Guide: The Plague
  • Video Guide: The Plague


It began like the common cold. Within a day, however, the body was wracked with fever. Black swellings the size of baseballs appeared on the neck and, finally, a highly contagious bloody cough quickly sealed the victim's fate.

When it was finally over, nearly one-third of Europe's population had been completely wiped out and devastated survivors were left to contend with a world forever changed both socially and economically.

The History Channel's presentation of The Plague is one of the best sources for broadening students' understanding of what many Medieval Europeans perceived as the end of the world.

The video guide consists of 40 questions to help students remain engaged and build their understanding of the Black Death. The guide is divided into sections that correspond with the chapters in the video and generally takes 3 class periods to complete.

An answer key is included.

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    Posted by Chris on Apr 4th 2022

    I’ve shown this documentary for years and have done a variety of activities with it. These questions are in chronological order and includes an answer key. This could be used for a variety of extension activities as well.

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