White House Virtual Field Trip

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  • White House Virtual Field Trip
  • White House Virtual Field Trip
  • White House Virtual Field Trip
  • White House Virtual Field Trip


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This PRINT and Go resource is perfect for distance learning or classroom use to help students explore and take a field trip without ever having to leave the classroom. All questions and activities can be answered from exploring the virtual field trip site. . Rather than just look around using the 360 view, these tasks give students specific activities and things to look for to guide their exploration and build deeper learning and understanding in their explorations and virtual learning.

The Product Includes:

-A product freebie from my store (see link or QR code)

-Student Instruction Letter

-How to get to the field trip information page (QR code and website provided)

-Trip overview note page

-Guided questions for the trip

-Guided questions page 2

-Student activity writing activity

-Student Activity science writing activity

-Student activity- art fun activity with critical thinking

-Teacher Answer guide to guided questions

-Grading rubric

*All pages in color and in black and white for ease of use

*Editable version available upon request- see instructions on page 2 of the file

*Be sure to adjust printer page settings for best quality printing.

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